OPUS, the sixth Afenginn album, presents a composition built up in four movements, inspired by the form of the classical symphony. Exhibiting individual modes and characteristics, each movement is a piece in it’s own right. Thematic material, motifs and rhythmic patterns, nevertheless, connect each movement with the greater whole. OPUS is the result of a series of unforeseen circumstances, as well as the synergy and effort of many people. In a small way this mirrors how life often evolves: uncontrollable, unforeseeable, yet still somehow navigable. As a composer in the midst of this unfolding play, I am reminded that different qualities usually lead to a whole which is greater than the sum of it’s individual parts. These are part of the sentiments I wish to express with OPUS.


★★★★★★ “A symphonic masterpiece” GAFFA (DK)
★★★★★ “Visionary and timeless. I listened to it in one breath!” Stacja Islandia (PL)
★★★★★”Simply fantastic” Sound & Image (DE)
“A record like this has not been done before” Gaesteliste (DE)
“Matchless masterpiece” Musik an Sich (DE)
“OPUS is a fantastic double album that defies any clear classification” Volker Rebel (DE)
“I love this album more than bacon – and that’s saying a lot! Magnificient!” The progressive aspect (UK)

✺ Danish Music Awards – folk 2016: “Composer of the Year”
✺ Danish Music Awards – folk 2016: “Release of the Year”
✺ Danish Music Awards – world 2016: “Danish World Composer 2016”
✺ Danish Music Awards – world 2016: “Live-act of the Year”

✺ Carl Prisen 2017: “Best Roots Composer”


released April 29, 2016

Recorded in Studio 3 at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and Skuret in August-November 2015 by Jonas Nakel, assisted by Romans Komars, Louis Daurat and Weronika Weirzba. Mixed and mastered by Jonas Nakel. Produced by Jonas Nakel and Kim Rafael Nyberg. Music composed and arranged by Kim Rafael Nyberg. Lyrics by Timo Haapaniemi. Additional arrangements by Tróndur Bogason (Partiro Futile, Fototoksik, Pandemonium)

Rasmus Krøyer: clarinet, bass clarinet
Niels Skovmand: violin
Kim Rafael Nyberg: mandolin, piano
Erik Olevik: cello, bass, synthbass
Kaare Munkholm: marimba, vibraphone, piano
Knut Finsrud: drums, percussion
Ulrik Brohuus: drums, percussion

Ólavur Jákupsson: vocals
Ale Carr: cittern
Katrine Grarup Elbo, violin
Heiðrun Petersen: violin
Mads Haugsted Hansen: violin
Daniel Eklund: viola
Live Johansson: cello
Ketil Duckert: trumpet, flugelhorn
Gustav Rasmussen: trombone, bass trombone
Vokalselskabet GLAS: female choir

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