Richly instrumented and beautifully orchestrated, this big album is an extended series of variations on themes with deep folk roots from multiple traditions. The work ranges, though, from booming rhythms to parlando meditation, from quiet solo and duo work to a cinematically grand ensemble sound. Often singable, often danceable, it really does achieve symphonic scope, in an astonishing variety of timbres.


Rasmus Krøyer: clarinet, bass clarinet
Niels Skovmand: violin
Kim Nyberg: mandolin
Erik Olevik: double bass
Mads Hyhne: trombone
Bent Clausen: marimba, various instruments
Rune Kofoed: drums, percussion

All music written by Kim Nyberg

  1. Lux 03:28
  2. Kostbar 05:16
  3. Höstvisa I 02:41
  4. Septem Turbido (Höstvisa II) 05:50
  5. Obscare 04:34
  6. Waldhotel Solitaire 06:09
  7. Paxima 05:00
  8. Comma 02:38
  9. Autumnus Elegia 03:18
  10. Missa Tripus 07:00
  11. Lumir 09:08

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