The basic tracks was recorded by John Fomsgaard in Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, a big and ambient studio perfect for the ambient acoustic sound we wanted. After one week of recording we continued in John’s studio at Vibevej. Here the epic parts by the gypsy cimbalon-virtuoso George Mihalache and cult-actor Zlatko Buric were made, as well as the horn quartet and some additional mandolins, violins and the choir parts with lyrics by the finnish poet Timo Haapaniemi – a dystopic multilinguistic delirium.

Akrobakkus was nominated for a Danish Music Award in the categories “Album of the year” and “Artist of the year – contemporary” and also reached the World Music Charts in 2006

Line up:
Kim Nyberg: mandolin, mandocello, harmonium, trash, choir
Rasmus Krøyer: clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, choir
Niels Skovmand: violin, viola, choir
Andrzej Krejniuk: bass
Rune Kofoed: drums, trash, choir

Zlatko Buric: voice
John Fomsgaard: vocal aaah’s
George Mihalache: cimbalon
Stig Mærsk: cornet, choir
Ole Reimer Algreen: flugelhorn, trumpet, choir
Jakob Munch: tenor horn, choir
Øjvind Slaatto: tuba, choir
Aske Jacoby: kontraslide

All music written by: Kim Nyberg
Timo Haapaniemi: lyrics

  1. Akrobad, part 1 03:10
  2. Akrobad, part 2 04:35
  3. Ralli i d-mol 03:30
  4. Febrilsken 01:54
  5. Kantate Mutagenia 04:08
  6. Andante Mobile 03:41
  7. Ostrogenmanipuleret Basilisk 03:24
  8. Fotonen 08:14
  9. Foroyska Kjotid 03:55
  10. Terror Humppa 02:49
  11. Valse Melankolika 23:57

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