So, we’ve found new dates for some of our shows this winter. Now it looks like were going to get activated in June. These shows are confirmed at the moment:

11th June: Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Gentofte

12th June: Studenterhuset, Odense

16th October: Alice, Copenhagen

More to come…


We’ve got three Afenginn shows scheduled for week 6 here in Denmark:

11.Feb: Studenterhuset, Odense

13.Feb: Tøjhuset, Fredericia

14.Feb: Alice, Copenhagen (2 shows – at 16 & 20)

At the moment the venues are closed due to the virus, but are supposed to open on the 8th of Feb. So until further notice, we’re still hoping to get out and play. We’re looking much forward – if not not, then sooooon!

Our seventh album “Klingra” was released some months ago and we’re getting ready to get out on the road again to perform the music live. We’re having dates in Germany and Denmark announced for the coming months:

12.02.2020 DE – Bremen, Sendesaal
13.02.2020 DE – Berlin, Maschinenhaus
14.02.2020 DE – Bielefeld, Bunker Ulmenwall
15.02.2020 DE – Leipzig, UT Connewitz
16.02.2020 DE – Dresden, Staatsschauspiel
19.02.2020 DE – Marburg, KFZ
21.02.2020 DE – Frankfurt, Brotfabrik
22.02.2020 DE – Magdeburg, Moritzhof
04.03.2020 DK – Odense, Dexter
05.03.2020 DK – Aabenraa, Nygadehuset
08.03.2020 DK – Svendborg, Svendborg Teater

Get you tickets at

Looking very much forward!

Here’s a teaser video for the tour:

It’s a big day today in the Afenginn world. Klingra – the seventh Afenginn album – is released on all the major platforms, as well as physically worldwide.

It’s an album that I’m very proud of and excited to share with everybody. Hope you’ll like it!

Klingra is available on special vinyl (with parallel grooves on the A-side), digitally and on CD HERE

And on all major streaming platforms…for example Spotify:

The 4th single (and last before the release of the full album) is now available on Spotify and wherever you stream music. It’s called Eftirskjálvtin (The Aftershock) and is one of the two openings on the A-side on the vinyl edition, and the last track on the digital and CD version of Klingra.

It starts rather softly with an ascending piano figure setting the pace and with the second piano slowly gearing in to the clockwork – played by Dánjal á Neystabø and Teitur. Gradually Maggie Bjorklund enters on pedal steel guitar and The Danish String Quartet on…well, string quartet, before we hear Ólavur Jákupsson singing in faroese:

Dottin úr skýggjum, borin av nýggjum
Sjáldan sá vakrari andlitsbrá
Brostin til jarðar, stokkin upp frá
Sjáldan sá vakrari brá

(Fallen from the clouds, born again
seldom saw a visage more lovely
Crashed to the ground, sprung up
seldom saw such a beautiful brow)

…together with Mikael Blak on synth bass and followed by the two drummers Ulrik Brohuus and Knut Finsrud and Jakob Johansen on the trombone.

All beautifully mixed by August Wanngren

Give it a listen HERE if you like!

The show at Koncertkirken in Copenhagen tomorrow is sold out. There are still tickets to the upcoming shows this fall in Silkeborg, Malmö and Asnæs. Check the tour-page for info!

The Klingra tour will continue in 2020. Be sure to catch us then…

We have a video out for the track Skapanin (The Creation). It’s made by Liv Anastasia Ikkala and features beautiful footage from both Faroe Islands and Tasmania…among much else!

Check it out below and subscribe to our channel to not miss any new videos:

In about a month the new Afenginn album Klingra will be released, on October 11th to be precise. It’s our seventh album and I have to say that I’m probably more excited than ever before. Musically I’ve gone further into the direction of something that could be described as “post-classical” or “indie-classical” music. Much like some of the previous albums, it’s an album that is built up – not out of tunes or songs – but as a musical journey of a kind, where long arches are built up and torn down of over the course of the whole album. The albums has 8 titles, but basically consists of two parts: Part A and Part B (or side A and B on the vinyl, more about the vinyl in another post). The different pieces are connected musically through reoccurring themes, rhythmic and harmonic patterns, as well as sharing the basic blueprint or DNA of this particular album.

The intention behind this is to create music that stays in a particular mode for a long time, although constantly evolving and developing. Hopefully leading to a feeling of constantly being driven on an obscured path. Thus the idea is that the album should be listen to in one go as a whole, almost like a movie, and not only the separate scenes. Nevertheless we’re releasing singles from Klingra, which feels a bit like a paradox, but it has turned out that the tracks get a life of their own, outside the context of the album. Like small snapshots or scenes of a bigger whole.

First out was Himnakropparnir (Celestial Bodies), which is the last piece on the A side of the vinyl. It’s the crest on a wave that’s been building over the last two pieces so it begins already surging with interlocked patterns that speak of a kind of urgency with the chanting of the lines “vit bresta til jarðar, vit støkka til himmals, til jarðar vit bresta, til himmals vit støkka” – “we crash to the ground, we spring to the sky, to ground we crash, to sky we spring”.

Second single was Ivin (The Doubt), which opens the B-side of the vinyl. It’s a rhythmically insisting piece with both a mathematical design and raw emotional expression in the music. The track performed very well on the streaming platforms, and we saw a remarkable 1600% increase in streams over a month after it was released.

And now the third single is out. It’s called Skapanin (The Creation) and is also from the B-side. Also with a sound palette of two pianos, a string quartet, pedal steel guitar, synth bass and two drummers the track starts in an ambient atmosphere with small sparkling particles of dust and hope floating in the air. These are mixed with a distant Morricone-like whistling from Teitur, which gradually brings out a simple melody in the piano. The musical layers are solidified by the determined drumming and through a grounding maelstrom builds up to a climactic release. 

Although they are all parts of a bigger context, they still can be heard as isolated scenes. At least that’s what I hope. They are all slightly different from the album versions and edited in a way that makes them more suitable for isolated listening. I hope that you will enjoy them and that they get you excited for the hearing the whole album when that hits the streets on October 11th.

Pre-order the album HERE

Today the second single from the upcoming Klingra album lands on all the major streaming platforms. The track is called Ivin (The Doubt) and is the opening of the b-side on the vinyl.

All the titles on Klingra are taken from things that comes in groups of seven, and so also Ivin. It refers to the doubt and restlessness that often occurs after seven years in the same house, relationship, job, band…whatever. There can be a feeling of wanting to change something even if there’s nothing wrong as such.

Musically Ivin builds from a two chord pattern in a very slow 7/4. The drummers are working around an insisting rhythmic ostinato and the theme is floating on top of it all in a seven bar sequence. The distance between the notes are pretty big, almost like a slow motion. The two string-voices, played by the Danish String Quartet, are working their way from the low register up to a shiny and sparkling unison presenting the theme in a bright cantabile before floating into the next track…Vitin (The Lighthouse)

Last week we began the rehearsals for the upcoming KLINGRA release-tour that starts in Denmark in September. We’ll be on the road as a seven-headed creature: five musicians, sound/electronics/occasional trumpeteering and lights/visuals. It’s a line-up that serves the new music really well and it’s great fun to get into the nerdy bubble of making the music work as good as possible for the live setting.

At the same occasion we also took the opportunity to shoot some video of an “unplugged”/intimate setting. I’m looking forward to share the results of this!