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Klingra Tour 2020 dates announced

Our seventh album “Klingra” was released some months ago and we’re getting ready to get out on the road again to perform the music live. We’re having dates in Germany and Denmark announced for the coming months: 12.02.2020 DE – Bremen, Sendesaal 13.02.2020 DE – Berlin, Maschinenhaus 14.02.2020 DE – Bielefeld, Bunker Ulmenwall 15.02.2020 DE […]

Klingra out now!

It’s a big day today in the Afenginn world. Klingra – the seventh Afenginn album – is released on all the major platforms, as well as physically worldwide. It’s an album that I’m very proud of and excited to share with everybody. Hope you’ll like it! Klingra is available on special vinyl (with parallel grooves […]

4th single “Eftirskjálvtin” out today

The 4th single (and last before the release of the full album) is now available on Spotify and wherever you stream music. It’s called Eftirskjálvtin (The Aftershock) and is one of the two openings on the A-side on the vinyl edition, and the last track on the digital and CD version of Klingra. It starts […]

Copenhagen show SOLD OUT

The show at Koncertkirken in Copenhagen tomorrow is sold out. There are still tickets to the upcoming shows this fall in Silkeborg, Malmö and Asnæs. Check the tour-page for info! The Klingra tour will continue in 2020. Be sure to catch us then…

Official music video to Skapanin out

We have a video out for the track Skapanin (The Creation). It’s made by Liv Anastasia Ikkala and features beautiful footage from both Faroe Islands and Tasmania…among much else! Check it out below and subscribe to our channel to not miss any new videos:

The single paradox

In about a month the new Afenginn album Klingra will be released, on October 11th to be precise. It’s our seventh album and I have to say that I’m probably more excited than ever before. Musically I’ve gone further into the direction of something that could be described as “post-classical” or “indie-classical” music. Much like […]

New single out today: Ivin (The Doubt)

Today the second single from the upcoming Klingra album lands on all the major streaming platforms. The track is called Ivin (The Doubt) and is the opening of the b-side on the vinyl. All the titles on Klingra are taken from things that comes in groups of seven, and so also Ivin. It refers to […]

Rehearsing and preparing for release

Last week we began the rehearsals for the upcoming KLINGRA release-tour that starts in Denmark in September. We’ll be on the road as a seven-headed creature: five musicians, sound/electronics/occasional trumpeteering and lights/visuals. It’s a line-up that serves the new music really well and it’s great fun to get into the nerdy bubble of making the […]

Composers grant for new music

It is a big honour to announce that I have received a generous composers grant from The Danish Arts Council for future musical endeavours. I use a a great deal of my time and energy on composing music as making an album for me takes months and months of focused work. Sometimes it can be […]