Today the second single from the upcoming Klingra album lands on all the major streaming platforms. The track is called Ivin (The Doubt) and is the opening of the b-side on the vinyl.

All the titles on Klingra are taken from things that comes in groups of seven, and so also Ivin. It refers to the doubt and restlessness that often occurs after seven years in the same house, relationship, job, band…whatever. There can be a feeling of wanting to change something even if there’s nothing wrong as such.

Musically Ivin builds from a two chord pattern in a very slow 7/4. The drummers are working around an insisting rhythmic ostinato and the theme is floating on top of it all in a seven bar sequence. The distance between the notes are pretty big, almost like a slow motion. The two string-voices, played by the Danish String Quartet, are working their way from the low register up to a shiny and sparkling unison presenting the theme in a bright cantabile before floating into the next track…Vitin (The Lighthouse)